Bakin’ with Wine

A friend of mine requested cupcakes, so I went searching the internet for a new, fun recipe. Though I wasn’t particularly in the mood for chocolate, I found this gem and decided to try it: Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Rather excellent, though I did make a few modifications of my own…

I used my mom’s cream cheese frosting recipe which is rather unspecific; it calls for softened butter, cream cheese, some milk, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar and you just mix it all together until you get a frosting-like consistency. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact amounts of each, but I’m sure any cream cheese frosting is basically the same and would do just as well. Since milk is an ingredient in my recipe, however, I was able to substitute a bit of red wine with the milk, which added an interesting flavor layer to the frosting.

Also, I had some left over filling from another cupcake batch I’d previously made and decided to use that as well (the recipe for those cupcakes, filling, and frosting can be found here). I roughly cored the cupcakes with a knife and spooned the filling in, then covered the hole back up with the removed piece of cupcake and frosted over it!

Also (also), I’m one of those who hates to use knives for frosting and since I am by no means a fancy and organized baker, I usually just spoon my frosting into a plastic bag, cut a little hole in the corner, and squeeze it out (and, as you can see, I’m not very neat about it, either!)! My brother loves extra icing, so I just put the extra icing and bag in a container and store it in the fridge so when he wants to add more, he can do so very easily and without a lot of mess. Works very well!

Happy cooking 🙂

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